We start with an initial conversation to define your business goals, technical requirements, budget, and timelines.


We will either build you a technical team from the ground up or augment your existing team.


Our team oversees your developers and provides support and guidance to help you scale and grow over time.

Software Due Diligence is a comprehensive evaluation process designed to assess the technical and business aspects of software products, services, or companies. It is typically conducted by investors, acquirers, or other stakeholders prior to making a significant investment or acquisition decision. The goal of Software Due Diligence is to provide a thorough understanding of the software's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks, simultaneously making an informed decision based on the information. The process commonly involves reviewing technical documentation, conducting code reviews, interviewing key stakeholders, and analyzing market trends, competitive landscape, and financial data. The results of a successful Software Due Diligence are: a comprehensive report providing an objective, actionable assessment of the software and recommendations for the next steps. We work with Startups, Angel Investors, Venture Capital, and Private Equity Funds.

We will assess the performance of software development and QA teams, organizations, and delivery structures.

Easy setup and minimal involvement from the company.

Easy to read reports. Transparent forecasts about software quality trends. Analysis based on unbiased data extracted from source code.

Fitted to your needs

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